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American Bulldogs

We have owned and breed Ab's since '95 and although it was the AB's abiltiy to hold pigs while hunting that first got our interest. We soon learned there was so much more...... Family , guard /protection , cattle, obdience , agility, and so it went on, We have over the years through working the AB's , that no two dogs are created equal, and as such, we place the right pup in the right situation.

We start working with the pups at 3 weeks, with a playground that changes daily , and introduction to the human world, By the 6 week mark they have the " come, sit, stay and go toilet commands well under way...

We have a requirement with all pups purchased that you attend a puppy class with your new pup...

We hip-score all our breeding dogs to keep our lines free from hip-dysplasia, our kennel average is 4 at the moment...for more info on hip-dysplasia New Zealand scheme go to the New Zealand Veterinary Association

We send out info packs with photo copies of our pedigree's, hip-scores, health guarentee, breeders contract and other relavent information send us an email:

Click here to view the ABA Standard.

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