Our Dogs

Please take a moment to view our selction of charismatic dogs below.


Bomb is a Lucy x Josh jnr. He has a hip-score of 5, weighs 60 kg's and has been worked in obdience and personal protection... Sound tempremant, soild structure and endurance and stamina. Bomb is " MUMMY'S PUPPY" and in his mind he thinks he is 10 kg's..A great surrogate father in the yard all pups whether his or not are share reared by Bomb and their mother.

Josh jnr

Josh jnr is a Sheba girl x Josh. He was imported from www.Joshuakennels.com in Florida. Josh jnr has been worked in obdience and pigs. Josh jnr has a hip-score of 4 , Soild strucutre and has a good fusion of drives.


CJ is a Cracker x Brutus. She was imported from Charlie Sherlock of Southern-Cross Kennels in Australia, CJ has a hip-score of 5, and has been worked in obdience and agility CJ is very agile, and high in prey, and has loads of endurance and stamina.


Fee is a Moe x Josh jnr. Fee has a hip-score of 2 and weighs 54kg's She has been worked in obdience. Fee has a stable tempremant and very soild strucutre, this though doesn't slow her down, and gets going when there is toys involved.


Stash... is our latest new arrival from Germany. Stash is a snowflake x Magnolia imported from www.whitebulls.de in Germany Stash arrived in August 05, and will be used later in our breeding porgramme ... His hips were pre-limed in Germany and they were good, we are about to score him in NZ.


Zak is Sly x Josh jnr pup now living in Australia.


Ghenghis Moe x Josh jnr pup.


Mace is a CJ x Bomb pup taken at 3 mths.


Poppy is a Moe x Josh jnr pup now living in Hawaii.


Moe is a Lucy x Snaggletooth Von Jager aka "Bull" She has been worked in obdience and agility, Moe also has a very stable tempremenat, her structure is excellent ,a solid bitch , Moe's hip-socore is 3, and she weighs 50 kg's.

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